Class Syllabus


1998 Catalog Data: ME 6640. Advanced Robotics. Lec. 3. Lab 2. Cr. 3.

Design, analysis, programming, dynamics, and control of robotic systems;
mobile robots, walking robots; redundancy and manipulability, applications and


ME 4140 (5140) or equivalent, ME 6610


1. M.W. Spong and M. Vidyasagar, Robot Dynamics and Control, Wiley, 1989
2. Technical papers and lecture notes


1. J.J. Craig, Introduction to Robotics: Mechanics and Control, Addison Wesley Publishing Co., 1989
2. Yoshikawa, Foundations of Robotics: Analysis and Control, MIT Press, 1990
3. H. Asada and J.J. Slotinek, Robot Analysis and Control, Wiley-Interscience, 1986
4. Y. Nakamura, Advanced Robotics: Redundancy and Optimization, Addison Wesley Publishing Co., 1991
5. E.J. Haug, Computer Aided Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanical Systems, Vol. I, Allyn and Bacon, 1989
6. J.E. Shigley and J.J. Uiker, Jr., Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1995


Stephen L. Canfield


To familiarize students with advanced mathematical formulations and programming and control of three-dimensional robots, manipulators and robotic mechanisms, error detection, error correction, dynamic motion control, elastodynamics, elastic error detection and correction, sensors; and advanced programming and automation applications with work cell experiments.


1. Dynamic analysis of open-chain manipulators: Review kinematic modeling of serial manipulators; review Newton-Euler formulation of dynamic model; Lagrange formulation; closed-form dynamics equation; inverse dyanamics/dynamic simulation of robots
2. Trajectory generation: Path planning and trajectory synthesis; joint-based and cartesian-based schemes; trajectory synthesis based on dynamic requirements on the manipulator
3. Manipulator control: Independent joint control; actuator and drive train dynamics; application of analog control; force control
4. Robot drives: DC servo motors; stepper motors; hydraulic drives; pneumatic drives
5. Sensors: Position and velocity sensors; tactile sensors; environmental sensors
6. Redundancy: Local and global optimization of kinematic redundancy; singularity and obstacle avoidance using potential functions; redundancy of closed-loop mechanisms
7. Manipulability: Measuring kinematic quality of motion properties
8. Parallel manipulators: Classification and application of parallel manipulators; kinematic and dynamic modeling of several parallel architecture robots
9. Mobile robots: Topics and state of the art of mobile robotics and control

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Stephen L. Canfield Date: 1-1-00

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