Class Wikis

Here is where you will find a collection of wikis that detail different aspects of basic and more advance robotics.

How To Create your Wiki Page

Let's start by going over how to create your page and then create a link to it on this page. In the left navigation column you see a panel at the bottom that is entitled "Add a new page". You will type the name of your page in the block below. For instance, if I wanted to create a page on Screw Theory I would enter "Screw Theory" into the box (PS not the quotes).

Now you can go through the process of creating your wiki page. Wiki pages can range from very basic text-only pages to much more complicated pages that have TOCs and equations (written in latex). Here is a page that will explain the basic format you should follow in creating your wiki page.

Once you have created your wiki you will want to create a link to your page on this page so users and viewers can easily navigate to your page. This is a simple process. You will need to click the icon just above the edit pane that resembles a link of a chain. You want to select the chain link that is the furthest to the right. This wizard will help you create your link. Input the name of your page (how you want it to appear on this page in the list) and again the name you called the page you created so that it can link to it. When placing your link onto this page please attempt to follow a similar pattern to those that are already on the page.



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