Uploading Photos

There have been some questions about uploading photos to the wiki. Since this website is under a free account we only have 300mb of space. This means that if everyone uploads all there photos we will quickly run out of space. To solve this problem I have setup a photobucket account that everyone will have access to.

With the photobucket account you can upload photos to their servers and get a unique url that links directly to that photo. Then, in your wiki article, you can insert the code [[image URL]], replacing URL with your actual URL. This will insert the image into your wiki. If you want to center the image place an = followed by a space before the image code. In other words it should look something like this:

= [[image www.myimageurl.com]]

You can get to photobucket here. our information is:

Username: ttuadvancedrobotics
Password: tturobotics

You all have access to the website. If there becomes an issue where people are not respecting others and messing with other peoples content, I will remove access and you will only be allowed to upload at discretion of the admins. Please do not make this an issue.

In the future, should the need arise, we will setup a similar solution for videos with a youtube account.

- Mgmt

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