Wiki Page Layout

Wiki Page Layout:

We will be trying to follow a simple model of wikipedia for our layout.[1]

Parts of the Wiki

There are 5 main parts to a basic wiki article. You have a brief introduction, a table of contents (TOC), your information, references, and external links. Below you will find more details about each section.

Brief Introduction

In this section you will briefly, typically no more than one or two short paragraphs, lead into the topic your are discussing. You introduce the topic and give points of interest that you will later cover in more detail.

Table of Contents

Table of contents blocks (TOCs) are very easy to setup and enter into your page. The most important part of the process is making sure you have given the appropriate heading to each title. I suggest before you ever fill in the meat of your wiki that you first decide on what your TOC should resemble and then create titles to match. Next you will want to indicate the heading level in one of two ways.

The first way is to select the title and then, while hovering your mouse over the H1 button select the appropriate heading. H1 indicates the highest heading, or your largest and boldest title, followed by H2 which will be the next level down from H1, and so on until the last heading level of H6. Imagine each time you increase the number beside H that you are adding another indent in front of your title in the TOC. Keep in mind that the number of indents starts at 0 so H1 has 0 indents. So if something is two indents in your TOC (a sub-sub topic) then you will choose the title to be H3.

The second method is to use the + symbol in front of the title followed by a space. This space is very important or the text editor will not recognize that you are indicating heading level. For every + you have, you are incrementing the heading level by 1. So if you have 2 + signs you are indicating that the title is an H2 heading and will have 1 tab of spacing within the TOC.

Once you have appropriately indicated the heading of each title, you will place your curser in the position of the text box you wish to place your TOC. Then, click the "toc" button. You could also enter "[[toc]]" (minus the quotes) on the line as well.

Informational Topics

This section is extremely simple. This is where the bulk of your wiki page will exist. All your data and points will be entered and made in this section.


This section should be self-explanatory. Here you will be entering your references that you used to create your wiki. Make sure that you make use of the citation tool to indicate within the information area what material is being referenced.

External Links

Use this area to put links to other resources or related web pages that you think readers and other members would find interesting or useful.

Other Information

Please make note. That one good way to figure out how to do something if you are unsure is to either check the wikipedia community forums or edit a page that has done something your trying to do and read the code that person wrote.

Parent page

The last step in finishing your page after you have saved the page is to create the parent page for your page. This allows viewers to easily navigate backwards without having to start at the beginning of the class wikis page. This will be increasingly useful as we develop more and more articles and we begin creating articles that fit under broader topics.

For instance, if someone decided they wanted to create a page that went into the details about the forward kinematics of a FANUC F100iA 103 they would choose the parent page to be forward kinematics so any viewer that was comparing information from different robotic arms and their respective forward kinematics could quickly go back and forth without having to go back to the main class wikis page every time.

To give your page a parent page you click the "+options" button at the bottom right corner of the page. Then you will select the "Parent" button. Once selected it will bring up a data input box that you will input the parent page name. For now everyone should be choosing the Class Wikis page as the parent page until we establish a more in depth setup. You do not have to enter class wikis in any particular way, in fact, you should only have to begin typing the phrase class wikis for it to pop up and allow you to select it. Finally, make sure you click the save button to insure your changes will be saved and now you are finished.


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